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@Dirk_Kustermans Tzal wel zijn!!

June 11

Na de vermoeiende premièredagen ben ik dit weekend even gaan uitrusten aan zee!Ik logeerde bij "Zeestervakanties"...

December 13

@biancamarquet1 Happy bday!! Geniet ervan! ;)

April 25

Gent -Kuurne vr een Anne interview met @herbertverhaege

June 11

Hold your horses! Nieuwe single op komst: “Empty Your Gun”, happy song in country style. release date: begin mei! #stash #newstuff

April 15

people twitter follow me

January 14

Added a new video: "Get Over" #video

May 9

@eeyoregoldheart jaaaa! Ongelooflijk! Enorm shouldn't have...x

June 10

good moment to be online :) THANK U, and welcome

April 14

Toffe mensen in Gent! #Familiehulp #vzw

April 25

RT @KiesVoorDeVries: Ann Van Elsen gaat niet in op @SnoopDogg zijn verzoek om wat te drinken #notwet

December 25

Disco Dasco remix by Buscemi and Sven Van Hees, check it out. CONYA records 054.

June 4

Mijn bureau ziet er zo uit vandaag! #krc

April 25

Hey I just signed up for this mysterious new project. join me with this link via @projectCURATOR

March 16

It is #mintantwerp Sangria time babyyyyyyyy ! 🍹☀🍓🍉🍒🍋🍊🍏🍍🍐🍌☀🍹

April 25

  • Star brandboost
  • Artists brandboost
  • Young brandboost

What is FreeMobility?


FreeMobility Media offers your brand a podium to shine upon: 3 mobile outdoor networks of 10 SAV each driven by Celebrities of the finest breed. They drive your brand just right into the hot spots. With a reach and a visibility that is only reserved for the real stars.

FreeMobility Media is your outdoor solution; 30 highly visible vehicles wrapped in customized advertising and driven daily by high profile Belgian Celebrities throughout Brussels, Antwerp, Hasselt, Kortrijk, Ghent & whole of Flanders. Why use stagnant grounded billboards when you can place your brand with the stars? Stylish and cost-effective, FreeMobility offers mobile exposure, eye catching appeal and viral impact.

Get your image into gear.

FreeMobility drives your brand with star power!


Celebrity Media and Branded Entertainment, needs your brand to stand
out and it is the perfect addition to your above the line campaigns…
FreeMobility plays perfectly to the evolution to a 360° marketing and
holistic brand experience.


FreeMobility NewWorld BASE Event Knokke

FreeMobility Launch new Celeb Networks Zuiderkroon

FreeMobility Launch new Celeb Networks Mini Store





The Advantages


Innovative & Creative
Advertising medium

Our celebrities generate 1250 contacts per day, per celebrity without even breaking a sweat. Get direct access for your brand to hard-to-reach target groups and locations courtesy of our select group of celebrities: from the hottest of hot spots to the most happening parties, concerts, theatres, yacht harbours, major events…

Just a few of the many advantages:

  • Best value for money
  • An innovative and creative advertising medium
  • 375,000 contacts per month, per network
  • High-quality contacts via celebrity networks
  • High-quality mobile network
  • Your brand gets driven around by celebrities for a period of 1 to 2 months
  • Social media seeding for your brand among approx. 1 million (!) followers (Facebook/Twitter)
  • Guaranteed high visibility in ‘unserved’ advertising locations relevant to your brand
  • Access to hard-to-reach consumers and advertising locations that used to be “off limits”, particularly in an urban environment

Our boost - Your brand


FreeMobility consists of 3 mobile branding networks. Each network totals 10 celebrities. A total of 30 eye-catching Hyundai i40 are in use by celebrities at any one time. Let your brand truly shine: each car is stylishly personalised according to your brand.

  • FreeMobility STAR BrandBoost® 10x Hyundai i40 driven by a celebrity / actor

  • FreeMobility ARTIST BrandBoost® 10x Hyundai i40 driven by a celebrity / musician

  • FreeMobility YOUNG BrandBoost® 10x Hyundai i40 driven by young talents

Our cases














more brands



Mix your media
Boost your brand


Want to reserve a network? More information about pricing, availability
and opportunities? Or a personal presentation? Contact us!

Download the technical drawing of the Hyundai i40

Privacy Statement

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